About Us

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Extended Stores Bridges the Gap between Manufacturers, Sellers, Retailers, and Consumers in the Digital World.

Here is Everything You Need to Know About Us:

Who Are We?

Extended Stores – An Online Marketplace that Brings Sellers and Shoppers Together from Coimbatore and Beyond!

In the fastest-growing list of Tier-II cities in India, Coimbatore is also dubbed as the Manchester of South India, Textile Hub of India, Pump City, a major centre for manufacturing automotive components. Extended Stores functions as an extension of the vibrant and dynamic market culture in Coimbatore. Like a busy street bazaar, this virtual market space connects people with reputable retail outlets through an ecommerce tool.

With various dimensions of the hub in the city already, retailers, manufacturers, and sellers needed a digital space that connected them. Our website will fill this void by operating as an online B2C marketplace for the locals.

Why Choose Extended Stores?

Extended Stores – Your Ultimate, One-Stop Online Store!

Memorable shopping experiences await you at this online marketplace.

Extended Stores encourages to market their goods beyond the four walls of their store and consumers to shop without stepping outside the house. As the name illustrates, our virtual space will be an extension of conventional convenience stores. Only its inventory will be bigger and better than traditional setups because it opens digital doors to a brand new shopping experience for everyone.

Purchasing goods online will allow you to free up your time to work and play instead of standing in a queue at the cash counter. It’s also safe and secure with a contactless delivery option to safeguard consumers and delivery personnel.

Benefits for Vendors: What Are the Perks of Partnership?

Whether you sell clothes, kitchen appliances or gadgets, Extended Stores has a place for you.

We have a wide range of categories in our marketplace. It includes electronic goods, apparel, home and kitchen appliances, accessories, computer peripherals, books and media, sports, baby care, footwear, gardening accessories.

Vendors can use this online marketplace to compete with other brands and reach the maximum number of consumers. Use our space to promote products and expand your customer base by interacting with an always-on audience.

Optimising Order Processing for Ecommerce Businesses

No More Stressing

Follow 3 Simple Steps for Order Processing

Step 1: Check Inventory

Once an order has been received, suppliers/vendors must check if the product is available in their respective inventory. Then move on to the processing phase.

Step 2: Processing

Vendors must do a thorough sanity test (by printing the invoice and preparing a package for delivery with a copy of the receipt). Carefully pack the item by choosing a weather-resistant, breakage-proof and tamper-free casing. Vendors are responsible for taking care of the packaging to ensure clients receive purchased products in premium condition.

Step 3: Choose a Courier

Once the items are ready for delivery, you need to select a courier company. Update the tracking ID on the Extended Stores website and share the information with the consumer. Vendors are responsible for replying to customer requests and addressing complaints. In addition to this, all returns will be handled by the primary vendor.

An optimised order processing system and speedy delivery can minimise the return ratio. We hope to collaborate with vendors to prioritise client satisfaction from the marketing phase to delivery.

Our Strengths: Experience the Difference with Extended Stores

Factors That Set Us Apart from Our Competitors!

At Extended Stores, we are defined by our strengths and consumer-centric practices, which include:

  • 24/ customer support service ready to answer all your questions
  • Reduced/discount prices to match your budget
  • Advanced search engine optimisation to find relevant products
  • Effective digital advertising and promotional strategies for retailers, manufacturers, and vendors
  • Multiple payment methods for secure and seamless transactions
  • EMI (Easy Monthly Instalments) available customer feasibility
  • Loyal customer points and rewards for frequent shoppers & much more

These benefits are elevated by our ethical practices and cooperative support.

Pricing Structure for Sellers

We ask sellers to set a price and then charge a commission between 2%-5% on the pre-decided selling price for standard products and up to 12% for high-end products. Commissions are deducted for every sale, and we return the relevant amount to the registered banking account of our vendors after ten days whenever a request comes in on the website.

After finalising the commission charges, sellers and buyers will sign an office SLA (Service Level Agreement). The small commissions allow Extended Stores to smoothly manage online marketplace operations and accommodate consumer needs all year round.

Support Service for Vendors

Full Time Vendor Support to Cater to All Your Queries

Have questions? Our vendor support representatives have all the answers. We have hired a dedicated team to assist vendors onboarding at Extended Stores. Our friendly staff will answer your queries concerning promotions, product placements, orders, payments, etc. You can drop a message through your dashboard or call the website hotline for support.

A vendor support representative will get in touch as soon as possible.

Onboarding Process

Get Your Verification Badge to Avoid Fraud and Prevent Scam

What do we need?

Getting Started with Documentation.

We require your official store name, GST, PAN (softcopy to be uploaded while setting up the store).

Verification and Welcoming Call.

After verifying your credentials, you will receive an email about the confirmation and a welcome call within 2 to 3 business days. Our representative will discuss the next steps and take you on a virtual tour of the ecommerce platform.

Making Things Official.

You will be prompted to sign on the Vendor Agreement either online or offline as part of compliance and regulations. Once the onboarding process is complete, you will receive a Verified Badge for your profile.

The final step completes the onboarding procedure and prepares you for a successful journey on our online marketplace.

Meet the Founder

Santosh Kumar brings over a decade of experience to this ecommerce platform after working with Fortune 500 Companies like TCS and Mphasis. He holds a Master’s Degree in IT. His academic expertise and business acumen allow him to integrate advanced technology to facilitate corporate endeavours. He’s been planning to utilize these skills to launch an ecommerce business that connects manufacturers, sellers, and retailers with their target consumers.

The virtual space would serve as a meeting ground for sellers and buyers as manufacturers and retailers showcase their products. In this way, consumers can shop for anything they want on a single platform. On his part, Kumar aims to create efficient and time-effective delivery channels to ensure purchased products reach customers on time.

Kumar wants to build trust and cultivate a long-lasting relationship with virtual consumers. He adopts a people-first approach to achieve this goal and studies how online shoppers think and feel when they visit this ecommerce business. He uses their perspective to create seamless customer experiences from start to finish.

Kumar began designing the Extended Stores website in early 2020 right after the pandemic. Witnessing the world coming to a halt and local shops closing down because of lockdowns inspired him to bring his vision to life. He used his IT expertise to develop an interactive website with a user-friendly interface and striking visuals. Each feature serves a purpose and makes the website easy to navigate. This allows shoppers of all ages to scroll through the virtual inventory to find and purchase products.

After two years of hard work and dedication, his dream will become a reality when the website was launched on 14th January 2022.

On the weekends, Kumar enjoys spending quality time with his family and unwinding with a game of snooker. He loves travelling and has fulfilled his wanderlust by exploring China, the Philippines, Dubai, Canada, the UK and beyond. He hopes to continue his overseas adventures once the pandemic ends to explore the ecommerce industry outside the world and how to improvise his vision on his dream come true project.